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Our Settlement

Top-Class Settlement Service

We do understand that settlement services are not only a continuation and expansion of project development in corporate branding, but also an important part of adding value to developers, builders or buyers. TPV Settlement Services Department boasts a elite team of highly experienced professionals. The team believes in adhering to the industry TOP standards to ensure efficiency of the settlement process.We are also committed to progressive thinking as we delve into the market situation. We always strive to create a trusted brand based on innovative thinking and thorough research!

What We Do

Full Range of Settlement Services

Regularly provide reports to buyers regarding a project’s progress
Regular financing status and buyer tracking report
Communicate and manage all buyer consultations
24x7 online booking system (Valuation & PSI)
Schedule and be present bank valuation inspections
Schedule and be present pre-settlement inspections
Defect management & Reporting
Provide authoritative financial advisory services and solutions
Multilingual support: English / Chinese / Cantonese
Convenient key handover